Publisher Search Feed Terms of Service

1) The publisher recognizes that the terms and conditions listed on this page will go into effect and will be legally binding between him or herself and ClixForAds, upon the completion and submission of the sign up form.

2) ClixForAds’s mission is to bring the highest level of service to its publishers. However, in the event of server downtime due to ClixForAds or the companies that it works with, the publisher acknowledges that in no way ClixForAds will be held responsible or legally liable for any lost business or revenue.

3) The publisher acknowledges, that the bids in feeds/net offered by ClixForAds and its advertisers can be changed, without warning given to the publisher.

4) a. In the event that ClixForAds recognizes low quality publisher traffic, ClixForAds reserves the right to edit and adjust publisher reporting numbers in order to make them correspond to advertiser numbers.

b. Furthermore, ClixForAds unconditionally reserves the right to deny payment to any publishers suspected of using fraudulent means to unjustly inflate their performance numbers.

c. Absolutely no adware, spyware, malware, forced program downloads, refresh bots or reselling of ad tags is allowed on the ClixForAds Network. In other words ClixForAds does not allow click or impression fraud, will not pay for any traffic obtained through it, and reserves the right to terminate and sue all account holders engaged in any type of fraudulent practices.

d. The publisher recognizes that non-payment for delivered traffic may result in the case of non- payment to ClixForAds by advertisers. In such an event, ClixForAds will not be held legally or financially responsible for any payments owed to the publisher.

5) The publisher recognizes that ClixForAds reserves the right to refuse any websites that apply for acceptance in the ClixForAds publisher network, upon its own discretion and without giving any specific reason.

6) ClixForAds shall not be held legally liable or financially responsible for any hateful, illegal, copyright-infringing, pornographic, adult, racist, sexist, discriminatory, gambling-related or otherwise unpleasant content on its publisher websites. All such content is prohibited on the ClixForAds Network.

7) In no way may the publisher alter the XML feed code obtained from the ClixForAds network.

8) ClixForAds reserves the right to deduct any payment delivery fees it feels necessary within a reasonable limit from all publisher payments.

9) The publisher may only implement advertisement code on websites that were approved in advance by the ClixForAds network. All advertisements posted on sites that were not approved shall result in non-payment to the publisher for applicable traffic.

10) Except when previously agreed upon through a separate contract, all payments to publisher will be on a Net 60 basis.

11) For quality control purposes, the publisher must show ClixForAds the exact location of where he or she is using XML feed(s), by sending us the URL(s) in question upon request.

12) ClixForAds reserves the unconditional right to terminate any publisher accounts without any warning or prior notice and without the obligation of providing a reason for the termination to the publisher. Any outstanding balance over the amount of $40 will be paid upon termination of the account. In the event that ClixForAds and / or its advertisers determine that the balance within the publisher account is a result of fraudulent or inflated traffic, no payment shall be made to the publisher.

13) ClixForAds requests that publishers give a month’s notice before terminating their accounts.

14) This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Maryland.

Publisher and ClixForAds hereby confirm their mutual agreement to the terms listed in this Terms of Service as of the date of the submission of the publisher application by using the Publisher Sign-Up form, and the electronic approval and commission offer from ClixForAds.